In America, we spend $1 trillion on benefits every year, but usually don’t know where the money goes or what it gets us. Maxwell helps employees make smarter decisions about their health and financial wellbeing, making sure they feel their benefits every day and can take steps toward a better, healthier life.

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24/7/365 Access and Support

Online and mobile access to all benefits information in a convenient portal

Ability to change benefits based on life changes throughout the year

Support via web portal and mobile app for benefits questions

Mobile App

  • One convenient destination an employee goes to for everything health and benefits-related

  • Important benefits info at their fingertips, including ID numbers, deductibles, in- and out-of-network costs, and more

  • Ability to stream in data from leading fitness devices and reward employees for progress


79% of Americans ages 30-49 are smartphone users


85% of Americans ages 18-29 are smartphone users

Mobile web adoption is growing
8x faster
than web adoption did in the 1990s-2000s.

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The Intersection of Health & Mobile

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