When you partner with Maxwell, you don’t just gain a technology solution. You gain a compelling go-to-market strategy that helps you do what you do best: be the dedicated benefits experts your clients need. Our sales and marketing resources become core to your team, truly supporting you with on-demand demos, high-quality co-branded assets, and sales strategy.

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Delighting You and Your Clients


  • Lead with Maxwell and you'll create a vastly more compelling discussion aimed at what companies today are actually looking for.

  • Maxwell helps you play offense, and grow your book of business organically. Instead of the typical technology vendor and customer relationship, we treat you as a partner and share in your success.

  • Couple that with our unrivaled level of marketing and sales support, and you'll have new clients knocking at your door in no time.

  • Introduce an ecosystem of value-add to your clients with our technology and your expertise as the core of the solution.


  • The average brokerage firm sees 5-10% attrition going out the door each year! Let's keep your clients where they belong—with you!

  • Employers today are looking for more than just great people, service, and expertise: they want your help in creating a compliant organization of healthy, happy, and productive employees, and easing the burden on their HR staff.

  • We'll raise retention by providing you with a simple and intuitive system to seamlessly deliver employee benefits and improve the overall health of an organization.

Simplified Administration

  • In a post-PPACA world, HR managers are in a constant flux of terminations, new hires, and qualifying life events—not to mention the complexity of open enrollment.

  • Maxwell solves the problem of inefficiency by designing our technology for the small and mid-sized group market, which represents 99.7% of employers.

  • Maxwell handles complex rate structures, voluntary benefits and other non-traditional benefits with ease, and helps with ACA compliance as well.

  • EDI connections with carriers allow elections and changes to take place seamlessly and automatically.

  • At the end of the day employers want to remove the headache of managing benefits via paper. Maxwell’s entirely paperless!

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