Maxwell Health is an HR and benefits technology platform and innovative marketplace that combines the management of and enrollment in benefits into one experience: eliminating the hassle of day-to-day benefits administration and providing a beautiful, streamlined experience for employees.


Why shouldn’t choosing your benefits feel like using your Netflix account? Maxwell curates the right benefits at the right time, taking a lifestyle-based approach through a beautiful, engaging consumer experience. Our benefit bundles allow you to offer new products in an easy, cohesive way.

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Benefits Admin & HR

Maxwell is a modular benefits administration and HR platform for small to mid-sized employers that focuses on making benefits and HR easy through self-service employee onboarding, compliance and reporting solutions, and integrations with best-in-class vendors.

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Year-round Engagement

Enrolling in benefits is one day of the year, and that’s being generous: for most people, it’s a few minutes. For the rest of the year, Maxwell’s mobile app is the one destination consumers can go to access benefits information, navigate the healthcare system, and manage their health and wealth.

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Benefits for People, by People

We’re a software company with a lot of heart. Every Maxwell team member is dedicated to solving problems for real people, creating happy customers, and innovating every single day.

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